Friday, November 28, 2008

Lots has happened

Well this will be a fairly large blog. Since Mat's return home things have been super busy and updating hasn't been a top priority.

Here are a few pictures of Mat's Welcome Home Ceremony...
The large flag that they hid behind until time to come out.

Can you see which one Mat is??? Because I couldn't figure out which one was him.
Here are some pictures of the new car...
2006 Jeep Commander!

Beautiful back end pop up window

6 Cd changer, heated leather seats


DVD player in the back!

I absolutly love our new car!!!

Thanksgiving was amazing! Mat and I's first Thanksgiving together. We had some friends over and really feasted. These are some photos of the things I made...

Classic green bean casserole

The turkey was so moist it literally fell off the bone. Mat barely had to touch it with the knife and then there was just a breast bone sticking up. It tasted fantastic.

Mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, stuffing, collard greens, cranberry sauce, yams....mmm mmmm good. Lots of leftovers too!
Well that's all for now. We'll update again soon. Hope everyone is well and had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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