Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some big stuff coming up

This is sort of a non-post. I am just writing to tell everyone that we will be having some exciting stuff going on in the upcoming weeks and to look to the blog for photo updates.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The last leg of our Christmas Block Leave journey was Christmas in Richmond. We took the train down to Richmond from Philly. This was Danielle's first train ride and over all she wasn't impressed. It was disappointed that for the first part of the train ride the train was so packed that she and Mat didn't get to sit together. Also they had to move their things half way through the trip. Danielle said she would give it another try but, next time if it's not better we're flying.

After we arrived in Richmond we spent the first night with Danielle's parents, then stayed in a hotel for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Night, then the rest with Mat's mom. Lots of running around but, tons and tons of fun.
Here are some photos from the last leg...

Christmas at Danielle's parents house. Linda, Mat, Caleb and Robert.

Caleb bought Danielle a pair of moccosins but didn't get Mat anything. That's ok, we wear the same size shoes, we'll just share.

At Mat's dad's house he gave us caracitures of each of our spouses from 1994. Our's hangs proudly in our hallway.

At Saxon Shoes in Richmond (Danielle's favorite shoe store), there is a child sized door into the Children's section. Mat's brother Stephen felt like a kid again haha.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Part 2 of our trip started with a plane ride to PA. As fun as the Philly airport is (NOT) we were very glad for Mat's cousin Megan to come pick us up. We didn't get much time with the PA Porters but as always they are tons of fun and love letting us roam around PA.

Here are just a few pictures from this leg of our journey...

The 4 stories tall Macy's light show.

Dicken's Village. A self guided walking tour of the Charles Dicken's book.

Mat having an intimate chat with a very quiet man.

Mat in front of the Liberty Bell

Danielle in front of the Liberty Bell

Mat's cousin William as the Gingerbread Man in the school Christmas Padgent.

Last leg of our journey to come...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

FINALLY Back in Action

Well finally! We got back Danielle's laptop from Geek Squad and have spent this afternoon working on getting the Block Leave pictures uploaded.

So here goes nothing... Beginning with the cruise Dec. 15, 2008:

Our cruise ship, the Carnival Inspiration

Our Room U179

Lunch on the balcony of the ship

Smoochin on the deck

Pictures in the Bar with the ships captain

Me on the ATV

Mat on the ATV in Cozumel's jungle

Mat after the ride

One of the many towel animals that were left in our room by our room steward.

The Comedian that did the midnight comedy show. The other Danielle that we got to be friends with. Her and her boyfriend Ben.

From the pool in Cozumel.

Pool side in Mexico

Santa at the bar in Cozumel, smokin and drinking.

More photos to come later in the week.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wonderful Winter

The laptops are both in the shop as of recently so I haven't been able to update in a while because of that. Work is slow, so I figure I'd post a little update. Things are going well with Mat and I. Actually "well" would be a gross understatement. We are doing fantastic. Our gorgeous new bedroom set arrived yesterday and I'm in love. The bed is perfect, neither one of us has ever been "shopping" for a matress just for us, so that was fun. I had a horribly hard time getting out of bed this morning.

We also got a new TV for Christmas so we had a great time setting that up last night too.

The weather is nice. I kinda wish it would snow some since we missed out on a little bit while we were gone.

All in all things are going great here out in the Midwest. Work is very slow, but it's given me the opportunity to try and finish reading "The Historian". Which by the way I'm still trying to read, for the past 2 months.

Pictures will be posted as soon as we can get the laptops running again.