Saturday, January 24, 2009


The last leg of our Christmas Block Leave journey was Christmas in Richmond. We took the train down to Richmond from Philly. This was Danielle's first train ride and over all she wasn't impressed. It was disappointed that for the first part of the train ride the train was so packed that she and Mat didn't get to sit together. Also they had to move their things half way through the trip. Danielle said she would give it another try but, next time if it's not better we're flying.

After we arrived in Richmond we spent the first night with Danielle's parents, then stayed in a hotel for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Night, then the rest with Mat's mom. Lots of running around but, tons and tons of fun.
Here are some photos from the last leg...

Christmas at Danielle's parents house. Linda, Mat, Caleb and Robert.

Caleb bought Danielle a pair of moccosins but didn't get Mat anything. That's ok, we wear the same size shoes, we'll just share.

At Mat's dad's house he gave us caracitures of each of our spouses from 1994. Our's hangs proudly in our hallway.

At Saxon Shoes in Richmond (Danielle's favorite shoe store), there is a child sized door into the Children's section. Mat's brother Stephen felt like a kid again haha.

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