Saturday, December 13, 2008

Block Leave

Just wanted to blog a little before we leave on our vacation. On Monday we leave for an exciting trip. We are going on a cruise from Tampa, FL to Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico. Mat and I are thrilled to be able to go. We didn't really ever get a real honeymoon so we're excited about this. After we get back from that we head up to PA and visit some of Mat's family then back down to Virginia to visit with family there and do Christmas.

Mat and I mailed off our packages to various locations around the US yesterday so now that that's taken care of and the packing of the suit cases is done we're ready to open the gifts we have for each other and we'll be ready to head out of town.

Please pray that our flights are on time and we make it to the boat without incident on Monday. Also pray that there are no pirates planning to hijack our boat.

Trust me, there will be many many pictures following our trip.

If we don't get to talk to you before Christmas, please have a safe and blessed Christmas. Remember to celebrate it not for the presents and material things, celebrate it for the birth of Christ, the ultimate gift. Merry Christmas.

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