Monday, August 3, 2009


Oh my....2 posts in 1 week...fancy stuff.

Anyways I was just checking up on the blogs that I normally read through the day and thought I would post a few of them here, just so you know what kind of stuff I'm into looking at.

Cake Wrecks -

This is the first "Blog" I ever started reading (except for my friend Erica's, but I won't post her's since I didn't ask her if I could). Everyday Jen posts a different cake wreck, except Sunday which are reserved for Sunday Sweets. A cake wreck if you didn't know is a cake that is unintenionally "messed up" by a professional baker. Her writing style is witty and highly entertaining. Sunday's are a fun day to look because some of the cakes she posts are jaw-droppingly incredible.

Bakerella -

I actually stumbled upon this blog while reading Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets. Bakerella is a woman who bakes the neatest stuff. She's pretty famous for "Cake Pops". This past week she posted a tutorial on "Pie Pops". It's a mini pie on a stick. FABULOUS! She is super creative and I've attempted a few of her recipes, all of which have turned out great.

The Pioneer Woman -

I was lead to this website through Bakerella (I can see you're picking up on a trend here). I have actually come to love this blog more than any of the others. Ree post's a "confessional" everyday which typically are about her life on their ranch in Oklahoma. She too has an extremely witty writing style. She also has a section on Cooking, Home Schooling, Photography and Home & Garden. I rarely miss a day reading her blog and feel a weird emotional attchment to her blog. It's a very realistic view of her daily life. (and she does fun giveaways, but since so many people read her blog, I'm sure it would be hard to win one).

Design Mom -

This is one I've just started reading recently. I don't have too much info on this one, but she's a mother in New York who is also an Art Director. Neat "craft" ideas (I hesitate to call them crafts since they're so fasionable and stylish).

Really that's about it. I wish I was as dedicated to blogging as these women but I've never been very good at expressing my thoughts through written words. Another thing I'm pretty obsessed with is . Don't go'll get's not pretty.

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