Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am inconsistant with this thing

So yeah, I have been totally neglectful of our blog (if you can even call it that at this point). It seems the only time I get up the motivation to update is when Mat's gone. Mat left this morning for NTC (National Training Center), he made it safely to California at around 1pm (kansas time) this afternoon, he'll be back sometime late this month. I hope to get alot of reading done and possibly start working on some craft/Christmas things I've been meaning to do.

Ashland and Poodle are doing well. We're trying to help Poodle lose a little weight, I don't know why she's gotten to be kind of a chuck in the last 8 months or so, but she has. She's on weight control food and only dry food. She really doesn't eat a large amount of food. I attribute it to stress (we're pretty sure she hates Ashland) and possibly a traumatic experience with Boarding during Christmas time. Anyway, I've been "exercizing" her everday (as much as you can with a cat (which normally consists of me waving her toy in her face saying "move please, stop being a lazy bones")). Ashland is well, he's spunky and fun and LOVED being boarded. He made lots of new friends while we were attending 2 weddings this summer.

Other than Mat being at NTC and me working alot lately, nothing exciting is going on. I need to post photos of our garden and possibly some photos of the crafty/Christmas things I'll work on while Mat's gone.

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