Sunday, February 21, 2010

Buz & Ned's Barbecue

Sunday night Mat, Jennie, Erich, Stephen and I went to Buz and Ned's Barbecue. This is a Richmond staple. Located over on the Boulevard as you come down the hill to Broad Street.

One really neat thing about Buz and Ned's is that they beat Bobby Flay in his Food Challenge (YAY, since I'm not Flay's biggest fan).

Mat, Jennie, Erich and I all ordered the same thing, a single pork bbq combo. Nothing beats Buz & Ned's pork bbq. People in Kansas obviously wouldn't like the bbq because it's vinegar based, but really that's the way life should be. No sugar in my sauce... no sir. Barbecue was served with coleslaw on the side (again the way it should be), with baked beans and fries.

Buz & Ned's is an absolute must if you're visiting the Richmond area.

Atmosphere is pretty unique, you order inside then eat outside under a big party tent, thankfully there were heaters.

Visit Buz & Ned's website for more information:


Jessica said...

It's funny that you say this is a must for Richmond because I don't think I have ever been there. What part of town is it in? I just might have to try it next time I am home:)

The Porters said...

Jessica, it's over on the Boulevard not too far from the Broad Street intersection, going back toward the Diamond on the right hand side. Next time you're home you should def. try it.