Friday, February 19, 2010


This afternoon for lunch Mat's grandmother and two aunts, Sheila and Patsy took us out to a fabulous place to eat called Tango. It's in a section of Pennsylvania called Bryn Mawyr. Tango serves contemporary American cuisine, most of which
has an edge of flare built in.

I ordered the French Onion Soup and a Chicken Flatbread sandwich. Both things were equally delicious. The soup was created using a beef and veal stock and had about a half inch of cheese melted on top. (I ended up having the share the cheese with Mat, it was too much for me). The chicken flatbread wrap was just as great; avocado, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers and a cheese spread.

Tango's seating was cozy and intimate. The Bryn Mawr train passes by every 15-30 minutes adding to the old world charm. The service was impeccable, visiting the table just enough.

If you're ever in the Bryn Mawr area I highly recommend Tango if you're in the mood for a long lunch or an intimate dinner.

As far as price is concerned lunch ranged from $9-$21, dinner ranging from $14-$28. I'm not ashamed to pay a good price for good food and in my opinion this place is worth the price!

39 Morris Avenue - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 tel. 610.526.9500
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jwhalen said...

Sounds delicious! I love your descriptions, you sound like a true food connoisseur!